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Congratulations to writer John Palisano for winning the Bram Stoker Award
for his short story “Happy Joe’s Rest Stop” from our anthology 18 Wheels of Horror.

“Filled with disturbing twists and terrifying threats, these spine-chilling stories
have enough suspense to spook even the bravest of souls.”
—Blake Boldt, ROAD KING

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Psychotic killers, devious ghosts, alien monsters, howling storms, undead creatures, and other dark forces haunt the highways and the truckers who drive them in these 18 chilling tales!

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Ray Garton, Brad C. Hodson, Joseph Spencer, R.B. Payne, Daniel P. Coughlin, Eric Miller, Shane Bitterling, Del Howison, John Palisano, Hal Bodner, Meghan Arcuri, Janet Joyce Holden, Charles Austin Muir, Tim Chizmar, Ed Erdelac, Ian Welke, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Jeff Seeman, Paul Carlson, Keven Carter

Praise for 18 WHEELS OF HORROR:

18 Wheels of Horror is a great anthology, and a lot of fun to read. There isn’t a bad story in the bunch.”
—Sheri White, The Horror Review

“These 18 stories pay homage to the drivers of the 18-wheelers on the roads, the big trucks that are the lifeblood of America.”
—Myra Gabor, Horror Novel Reviews

Blumhouse takes a look at 18 Wheels of Horror.

“Truck stops and CB lingo, the endless rumble of engines and wheels, the perceived romance and wearying lonely truths of the open road, the aspect of unique Americana, it's all here.”
—Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review

...18 Wheels of Horror is enthusiastically recommended for fans of oily thrills and chills.”

18 WHEELS OF HORROR Editor Eric Miller talks trucks and horror on the Mo Kelly show on KFI 640 AM Los Angeles Halloween night 2015.

18 WHEELS OF HORROR Editor Eric Miller and contributors Hal Bodner and Del Howison on THE NIGHT FRIGHT SHOW with Brent Holland.

Interview with 18 WHEELS OF HORROR Editor Eric Miller on

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