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Screenwriter/producer/actor JEFFREY REDDICK (Final Destination, Day of the Dead, Tamara)


Director/Writer/Producer/Storybaord Artist DREW PIERCE


Writer/producer/musician RICHARD CHRISTIAN MATHESON (Masters of Horror, It Waits, Dystopia, Created By, Big Driver, and much much more!)

Writer/editor/actor DEL HOWISON (Dark Delicacies)

Writer R.B. PAYNE (stories in Expiration Date, and Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations Of Desire and more)

Screenwriter/director ANTHONY C. FERRANTE (Sharknado 1 & 2, Boo)

Screenwriter/producer/novelist LISA MORTON (Glass Trap, Zombie Apocalypse! Washington Deceased)

Screenwriter/novelist DANIEL P. COUGHLIN (Lake Dead, Diary of a Psychopath, Craven's Red)

Actress LIN SHAYE (Insidious 1, 2, & 3, Critters, Kingpin)

Screenwriter DOUG MOLITOR (Sliders, Captain Planet and the Planeteers)

Novelist HAL BODNER (Bite Club, The Trouble with Hairy)

Screenwriter/novelist JOHN PALISANO (Nerves, Dust of the Dead)

Writer/actor/musician RON ZWANG (Army of Darkness, Doin' Time)

Screenwriter/novelist BRAD C. HODSON (Darling, The Mud Angel)

Writer/editor ERIC J. GUIGNARD (After Death, Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations)

Writer/producer/comedian KELLY KURTZHALS/KURSTEN (E! News, Hollywood Squares, The World Famous Comedy Store)

Movie title designer/Visual effects WILLIAM LEBEDA (Drag me to Hell, The Happening)

Screenwriter CARLA ROBINSON (Battlestar Galactica)

Screenwriter HEATHER E. ASH (Stargate SG1, Glory Days)

Voice actor/audio book producer GARYDON SCHLICHTER (Temple of the Jaguar, Macabre Fantasy Radio Theater)

Actor/writer/wrestler KATARINA LEIGH WATERS (WWE Superstars, Katarina's Nightmare Theater)

Actor/writer/producer TIM CHIZMAR (Naked Alien Massacre, Chiz-n-Crackers)


...and a cameo appearance by yours truly, editor and screenwriter ERIC MILLER (Ice Spiders, Mask Maker, The Waffle House Incident)


TRAVIS BAKER wrote and directed the film Mischief Night, featuring Malcolm McDowell (and at least one severed head). In crafting his feature debut, Baker utilized the skills he honed while writing screenplays for producers like Eli Roth and Wes Craven. In 2011, he was a top-30 Finalist for the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His writings as a film historian are routinely published with special edition Blu-ray and DVD releases for various studios, including the anniversary editions of Easy Rider , Dr. Strangelove and The Terminator . His first published short story appeared in-no joke-a currently defunct Jews for Jesus newsletter. This book contains his second.  

Edgar Allan Poe was an influence on ALAN BERNHOFT from a very young age, and Alan could often be found riding his bicycle around his Southern hometown quoting stanzas from “The Raven” much to the befuddlement of his fellow citizens. It was in his twenties when he became a model for legendary horror and fantasy illustrator J.K. Potter that Alan became aware of such great writers as Steven King, Ramsey Campbell, Dennis Etchison and the late, great Clarence John Laughlin, all of whom had several works published with classic Potter illustrations featuring Alan. Fast forward a few years and Bernhoft is now himself a horror writer of both the page and screen, as well as actor, filmmaker and musician.
He wrote, produced and starred in the cult hit feature film, The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock ‘N Roll Musical. He calls Los Angeles home, where he lives with his beautiful wife and two daughters.  Get more info on Alan at and at  

SHANE BITTERLING is an award-winning artist who turned to writing after feeling that the only thing he could draw was flies. He sold his action/adventure/horror screenplay Witchfinders to 20th Century Fox, New Regency and Arnold Koppelson. He wrote the always-playing-on-the-Syfy Channel cult favorite Beneath Loch Ness, the Lifetime Channel thriller Desperate Escape, as well as scads of movies he doesn’t want you to know about. He has worked with Jon Voight, Jim Henson and many others in positions of script development. He is currently chained to his chair, working on a graphic novel, several screenplays and short stories, as well as a feature film he plans to direct. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Agnes, and their scruffy pup, Rodan. He (Shane, not Rodan) can sometimes be found haunting his blog at

LAURA BRENNAN’S eclectic career has so far included lopping people’s heads off on Highlander: The Raven, feeding them to dinosaurs on TV’s The Lost World, and sacrificing them to demons and vampires in her adaptation of the L.A. Banks’ Vampire Huntress series for PicturePlay Films.  But it hasn’t all been blood and guts: her series Faux Baby explores the lighter side of motherhood… and if the faux baby loses a limb here and there, well… No, actually, she has no justification for that at all. Check her out at

JOSEPH DOUGHERTY'S plays have been produced at Lincoln Center and Manhattan Theatre Club.  He blended H.P. Lovecraft and Raymond Chandler to create the occult noir mystery Cast A Deadly Spell for HBO, receiving a Ray Bradbury Award nomination from The Mystery Writers of America.  An Emmy and Humanitas Prize winner for his work on the groundbreaking series thirtysomething, he’s contributed to several popular shows including Once and Again, Judging Amy, and Saving Grace starring Holly Hunter.  He described his work on the hit ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars as creating “Hitchcock for teens." His books include Comfort and Joi, the story of a movie fan obsessed with a minor glamour girl, and Psychopomp, a very different take on the Greek legend of Charon and The River Styx. You can learn more than you might want to know at  

Writer, producer, and assistant director JAMES GRAYFORD has worked on the movies Legion with Paul Bettany, The Final Season (for which he received a co-writing credit),Sundance winner Captain Abu Raed, and numerous other Hollywood film and TV projects. He has a number of scripts in development, and placed three others high in the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition. When not writing or making films, he enjoys photography, cycling, and raising Ms. Fantastic, his daughter Sadie Rose.

TV writer, producer and director ANN LEWIS HAMILTON has worked on thirtysomething, Stephen King’s Dead Zone, Haven and many other shows. She is married to a movie producer, has two wonderful kids, throws a mean Super Bowl party every year, and has been known to contribute to the literary webzine Hot Valley Writers.  

has written for every medium and genre that's come down the pike because he's a writer and that's what writers do...especially if they might get paid. To that end he's helped create a Hong Kong action script for Jet Li's first video game Rise to Honor.  He oversaw the writing staff for the video game Area 51 that featured David Duchovny, Powers Boothe and Marilyn Manson. He wrote a sequence for TV's Flash Gordon that referenced both Wile E. Coyote and the poop of the dreaded Ice Worm. He wrote a Western feature that won several writing awards. He got murdered on camera by the Insane Clown Posse in Death Racers, a film he wrote for them. He's written and acted in the long-running sword-slinging internet vampire show The Hunted. And two of his upcoming film projects feature a family that needs help staying together during difficult times:One is Christmas Spirit (Holiday fun for the whole family!), and the other is Amityville: The Legacy 3-D (Mommy, why is Daddy spending so much time in the attic?).

C. COURTNEY JOYNER has written the screenplays for more than 25 movies, including the cult films The Offspring starring Vincent Price, Prison starring Viggo Mortenson, and the new 3D adventure Return of Capt. Nemo starring Hugh Bonneville and directed by Perry Tao. He's written extensively about the history of American film and his book The Westerners is considered "essential" by Leonard Maltin.  The film journalism has led to interviews/commentaries on a number of horror and western DVD's, including the John Wayne films The Big Trail and The Comancheros, as well as the Charlie Chan series.  Courtney's western fiction has been anthologized in Fistful of Legends, Law of the Gun, The Traditional West among others.  His short story "Two-Bit Kill" was nominated as Best Short Story of 2010 by the Western Fictioneers, and his work in the genre was recognized this year by The Western Writers of America who presented him with their 2011 President's Award.  His newest projects are the crime anthology Beat to a Pulp, Round Two, the film book Warner Brothers Fantastic for McFarland, the graphic novel SAGA OF BILLY THE KID with artist Mike Gagnon, and the screenplay LEGEND OF BELLE STARR, with has been optioned by Instinctive Management. Courtney lives in Los Angeles with his finance and a ton of movie posters.

Star Wars fans take note: BRIAN MUIR a.k.a. Domonic Muir, did not sculpt the Darth Vader helmet. He did, however, invent the furry little aliens known as Critters in the Eighties cult classic of the same name. As a screenwriter he followed that early success with over two decades of film work ranging from Jet Li action/adventures to Garfield animated features, and sharing credit for the acclaimed indie "neo-noir" film Broke Sky. An Elmore Leonard fan, he hit his stride as a crime writer as well, thrilling readers of Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock mystery magazines with many tales revolving around a female private detective set in his hometown in Portland, Oregon. He was a two-time cancer survivor who died of complications of a brain tumor in 2010 at age 48. He leaves behind four novels, dozens of short stories and a body of film criticism on a CD all hoping to see the light of day. You can read more at  

Like his cousin Brian, CHARLES MUIR shares a name with someone else he insists is not him on the Internet, a fellow who apparently teaches Tantric sex in Maui; not a bad gig at that. But instead of tanning odd body parts in the islands, our non-Tantric-sex-guru spends his days producing print copy about gardening classes and county fairs and the like for a newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. He has had stories published in small-press magazines including Cthulhu Sex Magazine (Lovecraftian, not Tantric), Morpheus Tales, Whispers of Wickedness, and the anthology Mutation Nation: Tales of Genetic Mishaps, Monsters, and Madness.  Charles even managed to score an honorable mention in the better known The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. His flash fiction (for lack of a better term) can be viewed under the pen name George Kuato at  

ELIZABETH J. MUSGRAVE is a working writer who has just turned her screenplay, Farmhouse, into a graphic novel illustrated by Szymon Kudranski (Spawn) and to be published by Asylum Press. She is currently finishing her first novella, 85 Boys. Her scripts have placed in Scriptapalooza and Writer’s Script Network. Her play Darwin’s Pâté and short play The Soundman were produced in Los Angeles.

Sculptor WILLIAM PAQUET plays with clay for a living, like Michael Jordan plays with basketballs. His art for the collectibles field spans twenty years working with comic publishers, movie studios, and private collectors. Check out William's masterworks at Quarantine Studio.  He is also developing a series of graphic novel projects and Intellectual Properties, and is a contributing writer to the literary webzine Hot Valley Writers, where you can find more of his brand of story time fun. . He lives somewhere in Virginia and longs for the N.Y. style Pizza of his youth-Virginia style apparently doesn't cut it. Whatever it is.

JAMISON ROTCH knows a thing or two about the horrors of Hollywood having served hard time in Los Angeles many moons ago. He escaped to Nashville, TN but nightmares of pointless meet-and-greets with agents, driving a rental truck on the 405 and something called a Thomas Guide continue to haunt him. Rotch has been writing and producing for television in Music City, including a recent primetime NBC special for Taylor Swift. He has also written his first e-book, Beating the Spread, under the pen name J.R. Beckham.

PAUL J. SALAMOFF has found success as a Writer, Producer, Film Executive, Comic Book Creator, Author, and originally as a movie Special F/X Make-Up Artist.  Born in Natick, MA, he was raised on a healthy diet of sci-fi and horror from the age of five and has been obsessed with it ever since. His Film & TV writing credits include The Dead Hate The Living (co-written with Dave Parker), The St. Francisville Experiment and Alien Siege for the SyFy channel. He was recently hired to write the high-budget Sinbad: Rogue of Mars for Morningside Entertainment.  He is also the author of the novel The Silent Planet, the non-fiction books: ON THE SET: The Hidden Rules of Movie Making Etiquette and The Complete DVD Book, and the writer of the acclaimed graphic novels Discord, Logan’s Run: Last Day, and Logan’s Run: Aftermath.  

began his career in film working as Roger Corman’s assistant. After serving as Director of Business Affairs at Hemdale Film Corporation (Terminator, Platoon, and Hoosiers), he produced his first movie, Saigon Commandos, in 1986. He has produced more than thirty movies since, including the Academy Award winning ode to horror director James Whale, Gods and Monsters, produced for less than the other nominees spent on their craft service budgets.  Take that, Hollywood.  

JEFF SEEMAN is the creator and writer of the comic book Dream Police, as well as the author of two novels, Political Science and Guns and Butter, and was a contributor to the humor collection Lunacy: The Best of the Cornell Lunatic. He's written several feature-length screenplays (one of which was adapted into the 2009 film American Virgin starring Rob Schneider and Jenna Dewan) and has written, produced, and directed a series of short films. He's performed stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco. He is also the writer of the progressive political blog Ramparts.

Knifepoint Writer/Producer/Director JED STRAHM is not nearly as sick a person as you would expect from his choice of entertainment. He ventured to Hollywood from Oklahoma by way of Austin, Texas, where he weaned his young movie loving self at the early South by Southwest film festival. He now spends countless hours absorbing horror films from all corners of the world, further twisting his worldview, wrapping it up in tissue paper with blood-red ribbons around it. Jed’s co-writer RAY G. ING has written a number of Hollywood horror films under a different name, and has also done a few uncredited script rewrites-which is just the way the ultra-reclusive writer likes it.  

produced the feature films Mischief Night, featuring Malcolm McDowell, and  Worst Friends, for which he also co-wrote the story and starred alongside Kathryn Erbe and Larry Fessenden. He also played a lead role opposite Kristy Swanson and D.B. Sweeney in the SyFy Channel Original movie Swamp Shark and co-created and hosts the movie culture talk show Cinema Cool. Visit for more information.

Sean Yopchick is a writer, freelance editor and Production Assistant. He has written and directed two short films, Fear and Control and The Overman and has worked on many Hollywood films including Shutter Island, Inception and Money Ball.  When he’s not finding ways to cover a bad check or diverting his landlord’s attention from the 1st of the month, he enjoys riding his bike. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and is originally from Wakefield, MA.


Cover Artist DREW PIERCE co-directed, co-wrote and co-produced the Zombie Horror Comedy Romance DeadHeads with his equally talented brother BRETT.  Drew has done storyboards for a number of Hollywood films, as well as character design and other art for various film and animation projects.
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