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Hell Comes to Hollywood


"If you're a fan of horror, delivered in any medium, this is a must-read." -Matt Molgaard, HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS

Welcome to the home of Hell Comes To Hollywood, the Bram Stoker Award nominated horror anthology about psychotic killers, ghosts, demons, vampires, and other horrifying creatures stalking the entertainment capital of the world.

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Congratulations to writer John Palisano for winning the Bram Stoker Award for his short story "Happy Joe's Rest Stop" from our anthology 18 Wheels of Horror.

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Contributors Include:

Travis Baker, Alan Bernhoft, Shane Bitterling, Laura Brennan, Joseph Dougherty, James Grayford, Ann Lewis Hamilton, Andrew Helm, C. Courtney Joyner, Brian Muir, Charles Austin Muir, Elizabeth J. Musgrave, William Paquet, Jamison Rotch, Paul J. Salamoff, John Schouweiler, Jeff Seeman, Jed Strahm, Ray G. Ing, Richard Tanne, Sean Yopchick, Drew Pierce, Roy Knyrim


"HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD is a unique and refreshing read for any genre fan, and genuinely impossible to not enjoy." -Vivienne Vaughn, full review on FANGORIA

"I look forward to volume two since volume one of HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD is an entertaining anthology." -Felix Vasquez Jr. at Full review HERE

".a badass book of short tales of terror." -Brett Pierce, Director/Writer/Producer of Deadheads the movie

"All in all an enjoyable anthology including some noteworthy material." -Mario Guslandi on Full review HERE

".a delightfully creepy and quirky read." -Hal Bodner, reviewing on GOODREADS

"A cool collection of stories. Fun, gory, and scary in equal measure-and a sick look at the way Hollywood might really work." -Michael Davis, Writer/Director, Shoot 'Em Up, Monster Man

"The most brutal, exciting, funny and just plain icky tales of horror to come out in a long time." -Jeremy Kasten, Director, The Attic Expeditions, The Wizard of Gore

"If EC Comics and the 101 freeway were to mate, they would give birth to this book. A perfect blend of horror and Hollywood." -Ben Webster, Actor, Deadheads

"A dark descent into the bloated underbelly of Tinsel Town." -Frank Forte, Publisher, Artist, Asylum Press

"The sickest book with my face on the cover since The Necronomicon." -Cecil "Helly" Hellington, Director, Scream Carol Scream, It's A Hellible Life Founder, The Hollywood Soul Exchange

"HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD. is all-encompassing, featuring stories that span from wonderfully gratuitous, over-the-top gorefests. to tales that are genuinely haunting and linger in your mind long afterward."